Friday, April 27, 2012

Cricket & Politics

After a really long time, got a few moments to pen some thoughts on the blog.  Thanks to the "Maharaja" for the delay in flight from Mumbai.

The news of Sachin plunging into an political arena (not a politician per se), is quite interesting.  Not sure of his actual reasons behind this, but can actually turn out good for the religion "cricket" in this country.

Have been reading a lot of buzz on his nominations to the upper house, and see lot of people not being so aware of the role of such nominated persons.  As I understand these nominations are done from specific fields so as to ensure both participation from respective fields and also to do some good for the same environment where they came from.  Hence, looking at this from that perspective, Sachin can do some good to the cricket "industry" in this country.  Am saying this, also because of the reason that when Politicians can run cricket leagues and manage cricket boards, why not the vice versa applicable.  And why not, if it can really do good.
What good and how, only time and Sachin can tell the world.

The difference here he can make is more so of the reason that he is nominated to the upper house rather than being elected by the public (for the sake of public) like the Azhars and Sidhus of the world.

Knowing Sachin's past public profile, he may not come fore-front to express his thoughts behind his nominations, but can at least dissipate some of the public outcry as to why he is into this.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mumbai Blast : Indian Sentiments

The Mumbai blasts this evening, very unfortunate, is nothing new to India, and especially to Mumbai.  But the severity and the frequency of the attack is the one that imposes a lot of question on the government actions.  Even with such encounters, we are still a favored community for investments and businesses, is purely of the fact that we bounce back to normalcy at a faster pace than expected and the fact that we do not react to such attacks in a manner in which the international community will look at us with strong mind a clear eye.

There are two sides to the whole governmental issue of dealing with such attacks.  Though it is admissible that it is impossible for the government to ensure infiltration of people, arms or execution of such attacks, it also shows the level of seriousness in the the security measures followed.  And the government can only react and how fast they react is the question.  The other side of the issue is the actual reaction to such attacks.

India has been silent on such acts / attacks for a long time.  Think its high time we stood up and react to such measures.  When I say react, it is not in the same manner, but in a manner that the world will believe that we can react, retaliate and at the same time give some confidence to the Indians that the government has the backbone to react and face the international league.  If US can react to 9/11 and go behind countries to ensure the erasure of a one single person on earth, at the cost of multiple nations, people, families; this is also possible.  If the security council nations of the UN can ensure that India is not included into the council, this is also possible.  If China can ensure that they become one of the super powers in the next decade, this is also possible.  And what is lacking in India - is it intelligence, is it money power, is it execution talent, or is it the political courage to face up and ACT.  I think we have all the intelligence, execution power, money except for the will power to act.  Not sure why we should always be subdued by the US / UK forces and only submit to them on their terms.  And all this for what and at whose cost?? Its high time India goes behind the actual perpetrators and ensure they are exposed to the international community.  Am sure non of the so-called super powers will support us in finding - rather nailing - the people / group / nation responsible for such attacks, but at the same time they will not be able to negate our efforts when we expose them.

Hence, its high time we find the reason and the resonators for this attack and expose them internationally in a manner that none can discount the facts or the actions that we will take against them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

National Highways

Had been on road recently from Hyderabad to Bangalore on my Fiat Palio.  Initially had thought that the roads would not be that good due to the recent incessant rains in the region.  But to my surprise, the whole of NH7, was amazing spot-less and the 4 lane with a divider was making it more comfortable to drive.  But all said, its still India.  Am not blaming it as a country, but mentioning it as my experience here.

Every time you touch a good speed (say >120 Kms) and start to cruise, there is some kind of a hurdle - once it is a stray dog passing by, secondly it a herd of buffaloes or goats, thirdly its a toll-booth, fourthly it becomes a main road for a small village on the side etc.  Was wondering what's the use of such a road if people are not able to get the full benefit of it.

Also wondered probably because we are so democratic and socialist, that we have to give room for all living beings - be it human or other.

Having said this, I should also appreciate the maintenance of the road with the road signs put up appropriately at most of the places.

Next trip is to find another similar road to a new destination.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enable Rupee symbol on the Keyboard

How to enable Indian Rupees symbol in the Keyboard.
1.   First download the Rupee symbol from the following link.
2.   After downloading save that “.ttf” file in C:\Windows\Fonts or copy it in any location and install the font.
3.   Open MS Word and Select Rupee Foradian Font.
4.   Then select the “Key” on the left side of “Key 1” i.e. key with symbol “~”. Press that key – you will get Rupee symbol  “`”.
5.   When ever you require the symbol you can change the font and get it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blackberry Data Access

Does it really matter to insist Blackberry to allow access to data being communicated?? Has there been any incident which states that if this was there, we could have avoided a major disaster?? Have not come across an incident which states that the scam was due to Blackberry communication.  Looks ridiculous to fight over this as we seem to leaking information in a more direct manner rather.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Single SignOn

Is there a page where you can have a single SignON for the social media - facebook, twitter, blogs, LinkedIn etc...???